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Newport Beach, CA Real EstateCorona del Mar CA is an eclectic and charming beach community of friendly neighbors, a variety of businesses and restaurants and most of the city is a short walk to beaches, vistas and breeze of the Pacific. Whether you already live here or dream of a home in this community, it’s good to be up to date on the Corona del Mar Home Sales Trend. below are two blue links. The first takes you to Corona del Mar Home Sales Trend for single family homes, the second connects to the same for condos. You may want to check both to catch the nuance of how the Home Sales Trend responds differently to these types of homes. If you’d like more information about Corona del Mar, you can find an appropriate link on the home page of my web site and, of course, the plethora of information on this outstanding community available on the internet.

Whatever your interest to sell or buy your home in Corona del Mar, I’m in the area and would love to meet and discuss your home needs and wants in this community. I’m in the area and ready to meet with you.

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Bill Stehr Exec Summary [Condo]_CA_CORONA DEL MAR_92625_2015-04-24

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