Bicycle, Pedestrian and Motorcycle Safety in Corona del Mar

The Newport Beach Police Department has announced new safety operations for Bicycle, Pedestrian and Motorcycle safety in Corona del Mar beginning Sunday and running through Dec. 20, according to a news release.

“Extra officers will be on duty patrolling areas that are frequented by bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists and where recent traffic collisions have occurred, in an effort to reduce injuries,” the release said. “Education and enforcement will be targeted at drivers, riders, and pedestrians alike. The officers will be focused on specific offenses including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, violating the new bicycle Three Feet for Safety Act, making illegal turns, jaywalking, red light violations, and any other dangerous activities.”

I am a cycling enthusiast with over six thousand miles of cycling in Orange County so far this year. I cycle through CdM regularly and have seen so many motorists texting or holding/speaking on a mobile phone. This puts me and so many others at risk, including the driver and everyone around them, not to mention the harm to their family. Please don’t do this. It can wait.

The safety operations will occur on East Coast Highway east of MacArthur Boulevard. Funding for the operations is from a grant from the California Office of Traffic and Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is part of the department’s Special Traffic Enforcement and Crash Prevention, or STEP, activities.

This year, the release said, Newport Beach has had a 50 percent reduction in fatal traffic collisions compared to 2013.

“We encourage motorists to stay alert and watch for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists, especially when turning or changing lanes,” the release said. “Our message to anyone on the streets in Newport Beach is: whether you are on wheels or on foot, it’s your responsibility to safely share the road.”

Please consider the risk and cost and be aware of bicycle, pedestrian and motorcycle safety in Corona del Mar and let’s continue to enjoy our community.

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