Spring Air Conditioning Service

In preparation for warmer summer days, spring is the perfect time for an air conditioning service. With regular service, your air conditioning will be both reliable and efficient. Neglected units are more costly to run and deliver poorer air-cooling quality.

Air conditioner maintenance

Several components of your air conditioning unit are easy for you to maintain. According to the US Department of Energy, the most important item is to check your filter. A dirty or clogged air filter reduces normal airflow. When airflow is reduced, the filter no longer outputs cool air at optimum levels. In addition, the blower may force some air around the filter, so the air entering your rooms may have dust particles, pollens and other allergens that a clean HEPA filter would block.

Some air conditioner filters are reusable and can be removed and rinsed out with a hose. Others require replacement, so you may need to check them more than once during the warm season. Replace them especially after times of high pollen or dust, or if your pet sheds. Some filters are located in the air conditioner unit itself, and some are located in the grates or grills.

Another component that homeowners can maintain are the coils. As dirt and grime builds up on the coils, they become inefficient at absorbing heat. Clean the evaporator coils (located in the unit) annually.

Check outdoor condenser coils, usually enclosed in a cover with fins, and clean dirt and debris from the fins gently with a broom. Better yet, purchase a fin comb at a local big box retailer or HVAC dealer to clean built-up debris from your air conditioner’s fins. If any of the fins are bent, they can block airflow and reduce efficiency. The fin comb will straighten bent fins, opening up the airflow. Remove any weed or plant overgrowth from the coil casing. Trim foliage at least 2 feet away so that the condenser has adequate airflow.

When to call an expert

Always call a reliable expert for your air conditioning service if your unit makes strange noises, does not cool at all, or cycles too frequently. A certified HVAC technician will inspect wiring, mechanical parts like fans and motors, and test and refill the refrigerant lines.

To be sure, there’s always something else we need to do, but spring is a prudent time to schedule our air conditioning service. Servicing your air conditioner now will insure that your home is comfortable and reliable through the warmer season and you can enjoy the comforts of home during this beautiful time of year.

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